You aren't dying to get from the water. You want to buy some kayak, but your budget will be limited. You know that you want to kayak some lakes and a few canals that aren't white water, but you may be wondering what kind of kayak do you buy? How do you know you are finding a great deal on a kayak? Can you even want to use that kayak in a year?

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A few answer all those questions and even more to help you find the best cheap leisure kayak available.

First, discussing make sure you understand what a fun kayak is, before we tend to even get to the point of talking about the best cheap kayaks on the market.

As the name suggests, recreational kayaks are for the recreational user. They can be perfect for the hobbyist who would like to get out on the water just for pleasure, exercise, recreation and mental health. I just through the mental health in that room because it sure is true. Mountain-climbing can be a huge stress reliever, but that's a different post for a different day! Some recreational kayak is functional enough to use on level water and some rivers. It truly is stable enough for a starter, and tracks well enough for being used for long paddles. 2 weeks . comfortable boat, with lots of storage room for your gear. The recreational kayak is a great choice pertaining to 90% of the people who boat!

Whether you want to get a take a seat on top or a sit for kayak, there are a few things you really should look for. Unfortunately for a lot of people, a cheap recreational kayak possesses turned out to be just that - inexpensive! You truly do get whatever you pay for when it comes to buying a pastime kayak. Just because I no longer recommend getting a cheap kayak, that doesn't mean you need to spend a ton of money. I want you to get the best recreational kayak you are able to afford, and love installing it for a very long time!

5 things look for in a recreational kayak:

1 . Comfortable Seating

Any sort of kayak you buy should have foam on the seat and some changes that can be made to the seats. Never, ever buy a kayak with only some plastic roto-molded seat. You can expect to regret the decision halfway through your first paddle. You are tired of the seat on any specific kayak that you get, so your money will be well spent start by making sure your seat can be properly padded and flexible.

2 . Size Matters... not really much

Kayaks come in different diets for a reason. Generally, the shorter the kayak, the easier it is to turn and steer. The longer the kayak, the better it monitors in a straight line. It is essential to know what types of drinking water you will be paddling in before you make a purchase. Recreational kayaks are often between 10' and 12'. There isn't going to be a large amount difference between a 10' and 12' kayak. Equally sizes work great in a number of types of water, so don't sweat too much above this choice. Don't forget that a bigger kayak will weigh even more, so make sure you can pick up by yourself.

3. Storage Space and Deck Rigging

Anytime you are taking a look at recreational kayaks, you want to take notice of the available amount of dry out storage space built into the boat. Trust me, you will want to take points out with you that you don't like to get wet, so this space are going to be extremely valuable. Look at the just outside of the kayak. Does it have a good paddle holder and other bungee type rigging around the deck for storing items you wish to keep within reach? You may think these things are not important, but they quickly will be. You need to have places on your own boat where you can stow issues and attach items that you might like to use during your paddle. You should also try to know that deck rigging, paddle holders and other emotions can be added to almost any kayak after you purchase it. Nevertheless , you this may require specialist installation.

4. Price

Reasonably, you should plan on spending $500-$700 on a good quality kayak. There are many name brand models that have very good recreational kayaks in this cost range. In this price range, you can get decent storage space and great seating room that you will be happy with for a long time. You can find kayaks much cheaper than $500, but honestly I would certainly not recommend going with a kayak that is certainly at the bottom of the price range. They shall be much harder to kayak, they will have uncomfortable seating, and you won't have the storage space to be comfortable while you are out on the water. Remember, we want to acquire you the BEST cheap recreational kayak, not the cheapest one in the marketplace.

5. Brands

You will never feel dissapointed purchasing a kayak from your kayak building company. I use seen tons of generic molded kayaks made in factories above seas, that have a label slapped on them and they are greatly sold at low cost outlets everywhere. There are a lot of reasons to avoid these types of kayaks, but the main reason is are not made by people who essentially kayak. There are several US based mostly companies that were started by kayaking enthusiasts, and they make great kayaks.

I want you to get the best recreational kayak you can, for the cheapest cost. It may mean you need to shop around and look for deals. Buying by a kayak making firm will mean you get a great leisurely kayak that you can use for many years to come.

Here is a list of kayak manufacturers that I recommend, and the recreational models that fall within the $500-$800 price range:

Knutson Kayaks - Cruise twelve

Wilderness Kayaks - Tarpon 100, Aspire 100

Perception Kayaks - Prodigy, Gratitude, Impulse

Liquid Logic Kayaks - Remix 10

Hobie Kayaks - Lanai Classic Town - Vapor 20 XT, Dirigo 106

Picking out the best cheap recreational kayak, may not be an easy task, but if you do it right you will have a kayak that you're going to love for years to come!